As women during this shifting lifetime, we are here to bring forth sacred nourishment and love. We are shifting within humanity and the over stimulated masculine, is now being pushed towards balance.

Sacred femininity begins with self love, our individual expression of sexuality and our vulnerability in all ways. As we gather in circle as women, we bring forth an energy that pushes outward into the world. Once we as women begin this great shift towards our inner strength, both men and women become one.

During this Skillshare, we will move and shake our bodies. Release any tension and what no longer serves us. We will tap into our Goddess energy and bring forth the power of self-love from within. Together we can help heal one another and help one another be reminded of who we are, under the layers of past hurts and conditioning.

This will be a 2 part series workshop during this retreat.

Britt Johnson will be discussing self-love rituals, sisterhood bonds for healing and connection, Kundalini and Shakti energy activation, setting boundaries within our desires, and speaking our truth.

We will also begin this series with a Cacao Ceremony to open the heart.

The intention for this Skillshare is to activate your inner Goddess and push your being towards a life where you feel empowered to share your naked words, and your naked body with no resistance.

And so it is.