Who are we? That's one hell of a loaded question!

We're Bethany & Brittany, two souls who beautifully gravitated together during our college waitress days. Although we live 1,291 miles apart (Bethany in Virginia, Brittany in Oklahoma), we've remained close and have gently guided one another during some hard & beautiful moments while also holding one another accountable to our actions and truths.


I was born a hopeless romantic. I have been a soul eagerly searching for connection and mirror to my own being in this life. I am constantly falling into a state of bliss with the beautiful things Mother Earth has to offer for my growth. My photography, mixed in with my deep and soulfully intense writing, is a reflection of my inner/higher being. My son Justice has been a driving force, a push in this life to show him and others, how to be the best version of themselves. The light I aim to spread, is meant to guide others to shed the layers that do not serve them, and move forward towards their power within; their Dharma. The process of visualization, and fully embracing The Law of Attraction, is something that I feel very passionate about sharing from my own experiences. Through my experiences in this life, I have been placed within a space of mindfulness towards all the things I desire, and helping others be pulled within that space, is my passion and service within the world at this time.


I've been scribbling words since I was a teenager (angsty teenager, to be correct), since then, it's manifested into a food blog and a few published articles with Amtrak, Lesbian.com and GayRVA.com. The words I channel are derived from my experiences and perceptions, which are often paired with intense, quirky words and witty insight. My writing is not focused on one main subject - they range from LGBT issues, food, wellness and travel. I find joy & balance wearing many hats so writing, You.Are.Venus and running my apothecary line, Maven Made feels incredibly natural. The backstory behind Maven Made? After researching, discovering and concocting a blend of essential oils to help combat my adult acne (it made my skin beautiful), I decided to share the love. So I created and launched a line of all-natural products in 2014.
Playing a vital role in You.Are.Venus., I am constantly reminded that balance, connection and manifesting the best for my own self is crucial to my journey.

about venus

Venus is the planetary ruler of love and abundance - how we approach relationships of the heart, as well as what gives us pleasure. Her powerful authority regulates the ability to attract, the attraction to others souls and the things that bring us joy in the form of art, love, beauty and sensuality.

our purpose

You.Are.Venus. means, " You are what you are seeking."

You.Are.Venus. represents the soul within - the desires, dreams and aspirations you long to acquire in this life. This is all within you, waiting to surface through the guidance of your higher self and those who watch over you. We've cultivated a space (through words, retreat and workshops) to help nudge you in the right direction, awaken you to what your soul is here to do - the soul that’s been silently and softly telling you to push forward even when doubt creeps through your mind.

Our mission and divine purpose is to provoke an energy of oneness, a state of being in which you grow infinite love for yourself and those who surround you, while encouraging the discovery of your true essence. Once you have found self love and the full understanding that you are the creator of your experience, all the things you desire will fall seamlessly into place.

We believe, no matter what, you are always on the right path for you.
We know very well, there is no wrong way to grow.

Want to connect with us? Feel free to email us at YouAreVenus@gmail.com