Altar-ed Rituals: Consciously Crafting your Transformation

Explore practices such as Mantras, Mudras, Breath and body work and how they balance, prepare and "Altar" the energy body. Which also may be known as "the bridge" between the physical body and spiritual body for transformative meditation. 

Tracy Espinosa will cover why very simple sacred sounds, movement and conscious breathing can prepare the mind, and body, for this "Alter-ed" transformation. 



About Tracy Espinosa

Introduced to Yoga principals at the age of 5, Tracy Dawn has been practicing for over 15 years and teaching for 12. The broad contrast of being born into a superstitious Hispanic Catholic family, her own father an atheist and her first visit to a Krisha Hindu temple at the age of 6 sparked an intense passion and desire at an early age to experience and understand "spiritual practices and traditions" and why people were drawn to them. Captivated and transformed by the beautiful rituals and practices she encountered on her journey she knew this was her calling, to teach. Tracy's teaching draw on her lifetime of intimate experience of movement, Yoga and practices such as traditional Christian worship, Bhakti chanting, study of the Torah and Jewish Feast, Native American Sweats and medicines, learning the dances of the Messianic Jews, Hispanic Shamanic rituals, Buddhist practices, many Hindu celebrations and other observances into one final understanding that they all serve a purpose very similar to that of Yoga, Union.

Accumulated over a thousand hours of Yoga training, Pilates, Dance and Movement,  Tracy Dawn's intent is to give each person tools they can use to find their personal EDGE (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and dive deep into touching the sacred in a profound and life changing way. 

Known to some as Tirzah (spiritual name) she is also the Director of Yoga in the Park-Downtown OKC. Owner of The Mat's Edge Yoga, Founder of Sage Goddess Circle and Sherpa Mama. She is a doula and has taught Prental and Postnatal yoga for over 8 years. She lectures on Women's topics such as Sacred Feminine, Goddess Studies, Moon Rituals, Wisdom Practices and Shakti. Tracy teaches in several locations in Oklahoma City and in Taos, New Mexico. 


We will also be showing you ways to cleanse your space and aura by the use of smudging. Either with the use of white sage, crystals or incense.