I met Lindsey while slowly, yet fiercely, making my way into hot yoga at one of the spaces she shares her practice, Soul Yoga.  After a brief conversation about purpose, change and new-found direction, I knew one day we would be closer sisters in this life. (it just wasn't time yet)

Lindsey got her 200 hour through Ashtanga Yoga Studio with Andrew Eppler. She is currently working on her 500 hour through Yoga Medicine.

She has also taken 85 hours on the spine and 25 hours on the shoulder. (yup, she's a strong, bad-ass woman)

After a few months, seeing her through social media and mutual friendships, I decided to ask her to do a photo shoot with me. (Britt)

Her energy feels both masculine and feminine, a beautiful balance that I wanted to capture the best I knew how, with my lens.

Lindsey's current schedule is:

Soul Yoga - Wednesday's @630pm and Fridays @415pm

This Land Yoga - Tuesday's @545pm

If you are in Oklahoma City and want a practice with good vibes and balance, meet Lindsey for yourself. For now, I hope you enjoy her vibes through these images.