"Tarot Readings are a fun, powerful tool for gaining insight into yourself and your life. With clarity and insight gained from your tarot reading, you'll be better equipped to make decisions on your own behalf and take right action towards your highest good, healing, and purpose."

Jamie Csizmadia | Intuitive & Medium


Your one-on-one Intuitive Reading with Jamie will be a private, 30-minute session.

Jamie will be performing her life-transformative Intuitive Readings. An Intuitive Reading is a Spirit-guided session performed by a Medium (that's Jamie) for a person who is seeking spiritual guidance. During your Intuitive Reading, Jamie connects with your Higher Self and your personal Spirit Team, including angels, guides, soulmates, deceased loved ones, cosmic friends, animal totems, and plant essences that are with you at all times to assist with your life's journey. She interprets, translates, and communicates customized messages from your Spirit Team to share inspired guidance, creative ideas, and focused direction for the best alignment with your unique soul-purpose.


 Jamie Csizmadia is an intuitive consultant and a clear channel for Spirit to relay personal messages, inspired guidance, creative ideas, and focused direction for life's challenges and your soul's purpose. Her mission is to help you discover and inhabit your True Self, so that you can blaze your trail like only you know how! Jamie is also a contributing writer to Edible OKC, Territory OKC and Natural Awakenings magazines.