Britt makes it her mission to emphasize the importance of making your own decisions, and listening to your own inner guidance system. She is only here for love, friendship and share a clear knowing of the path that best serves your inner being. She will only guide you towards what best serves you at this point within your journey.

"We are all psychic and intuitive, we can all pull to the surface the gifts we came here with.
We are only returning to our true selves, the light we came into this world exuding.
By clearing the unwanted conditioning we have accumulated during our journey, 
we will align with all that we are and seek." 

At an early age, Britt knew she was a sensitive empath. She absorbed empathetically, the emotions of the animals and people that surrounded her. Of the four metaphysical senses, Britt's gifts associate best with Clairvoyance and Clairsentience.  Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is a metaphysical sense that means seeing a mental image within your 3rd eye. It is also known as your 6th sense or spiritual sight. More information about Clairvoyance can be found here. Clairsentience (clear feeling) is a metaphysical sense that relates to recurring physical and emotional feelings. This is known as clear feeling and signifies Divine guidance. More information about Clairsentience can be found here.

Your session will focus on tuning into your Higher Self, Guides, Angels and loved ones who have left this dimension, in hopes, to help guide you into a direction that best serves your path/dharma.

Britt is in the process of co-creating the 4th You.Are.Venus. retreat, and this year their 1st green fest collaboration called INDIGO FEST. She also holds space at her home for monthly Full Moon Gatherings + numerous co-creative workshops in Oklahoma city.

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