INDIGO: a vibrate blue colored aura, often surrounding individuals who posses special, unusual, & sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. Individuals who may feel a deep-seeded connection to everything & everyone. Also known on earth as Old Souls.

INDIGO FEST was created to inspire consciousness through the vibration of sound, rhymes, words & art of every genre.
Each of us has a purpose in this life & for some, music & art is the language of their soul.

INDIGO FEST is a conscious driven gathering of artists, who aim to create a space of freedom, openness, love & deep seeded self-expression.

The concept behind INDIGO FEST is very simple: Oneness & Co-Creation

We can accomplish more of a positive change together as a whole, rather than individually.
So, for this weekend in the woods, we will gather & bring forth our own unique light, together!

We hope you join us for this weekend to meet new/old friends (from life times before)
experience music, connection & art of the souls who dare to be seen.
We hope you expand & let yourself be seen.

The Venus Women + INDIGO FEST coordinators


If you have any further questions, email us at

INDIGO FEST theme song created by OldManBirts