Below you will find many of the questions you have been asking + probably thinking, about this year's INDIGO FEST. We have done our best to cover as many topics as possible. Below you will find questions, topics and guides that cover many subjects. All are subject to change. Please check back regularly for updates. Continue to scroll down to each category before using the contact email.




It includes a cleared tent site (provide your own tent, feel free to share), parking fee, access to fire pit (please do not make your own fire, we'll cover this), porta potties, water and workshops. Other details:

  • Arrival time is 11:00am on Friday, September 22nd.
  • Check out/pack up is 2:00pm on Sunday, September 24th.
  • General admission pass is priced per person (multiple people cannot share a pass)
  • INDIGO FEST will take place rain or shine!
  • Alcohol is permitted but will not be sold at this fest ( large quantities NOT allowed)
  • Adults 18+ only. (no Indigo children or pets permitted this year)
  • If you can, we recommend carpooling to keep parking and traffic minimal

HOW DO I BOOK A VIP CABIN? Cabins will need to be booked separate from purchasing your pass. Learn more about VIP Cabin rentals HERE or call (918) 489-2174 to book your Blue Doors cabin over the phone, there is limited availability on cabins so we encourage you to book fast. All VIP cabins have access to a courtyard which includes fire pits, a grill and pizza oven and is on the same property as INDIGO Fest.

IS PARKING + CAMPING A SEPARATE PRICE? No. We made the pass price simple and affordable this year. Your pass includes camping, parking, music and workshops.

WHAT HAPPENS UPON ENTRY? Once you arrive, you will show the staff at the front gate your pass confirmation email. You will then get your wristband (if you already did not receive one) and you will be directed to the JUPITER RISING campsite to unload and put up your tent. Light packing or a luggage trolley would most definitely be helpful.

WILL THERE BE DAY PASSES? Keep watch for an announcement about Day Passes towards the end of August.

WHAT IS THE AGE REQUIREMENT? This fest is for individuals who are 18+ years old. (no pets or children)

CAN I PURCHASE MY PASS AT THE GATE? No. At this time your pass must be purchased online prior to entry. You can purchase your pass online HERE. If passes are sold out and extra passes are available, we will make an announcement closer to the weekend of the fest.

WHAT IS THE REFUND POLICY? There are no refunds. This event is rain or shine. The purchaser and/or bearer of a INDIGO FEST pass understands that they are purchasing a pass to the 2017 INDIGO FEST and not a particular artist's performance. The entire event is outdoors and weather conditions will affect the performances of all entertainers, and there is a possibility that a particular performer may not be able to perform due to weather conditions. Thus, the purchaser and/or bearer of the pass understands, acknowledges and will not expect a refund for the purchase of the pass for any talent cancellations for any reason. This also includes weather related issues. Talent line-up and schedule are subject to change at any time.

WHERE IS THE RELEASE + WAIVER OF LIABILITY CONTENT? You can click HERE to review the Release and Waiver of Liability document. During the check out process of purchasing your pass (get yours here), it will prompt you to agree to these terms.



WHAT ARE MY CAMPING OPTIONS? Tent camping is included in GA pass pricing. You can camp solo, or share with friends. If you would prefer a more "out of the elements" experience cabin rentals/VIP experience is available at a separate cost per night. Click HERE to learn more about cabin rentals and booking information.

WILL THERE BE ASSIGNED CAMPING AREAS? There will be one cleared camping area for this year's fest called JUPITER RISING campsite. You can choose to camp in the open grass area, or venture into the woods directly behind the open space. A tarp is recommended before setting up your tent. 

WILL THERE BE SHOWERS? No, this year we will not be providing outdoor showers. 

IS THERE GOING TO BE ANYWHERE TO SWIM ON THE PROPERTY? No. And please DO NOT swim in either of the ponds on the property. Believe us, creatures live in there! Scroll down to LOCAL ATTRACTIONS to see where you can cool off in the area. 

WHAT KIND OF BATHROOMS WILL THERE BE? Porta Potties will be available to all pass holders. We will try to make sure they will be clean at all times!

CAN I CAMP IN MY CAR? We advise that you NOT sleep in your vehicle. Please choose either a tent, hammock or cabin during your INDIGO FEST experience.

CAN I CAMP WITH MY HAMMOCK? Absolutely. There is a forest area where you can hang your hammock. You must provide your own hammock, ropes or straps.

WILL THERE BE RV'S? No. There is no room on the property to bring any form of RV's or campers. Anything bigger than a vehicle will not be allowed.

WILL THERE BE A BAR OR ANY ALCOHOL VENDORS? No. There will not be bars or alcohol vendors. However, alcohol is NOT banned at INDIGO FEST, but please pack any alcoholic drinks mindfully. An excessive amount will not be allowed within the event entrance and selling alcohol to fest participants is forbidden.




  • TENT CAMPERS: You will see an entrance directly after the Blue Doors cabins (west side of the road) where parking staff will direct you.
  • VIP CABINS: You will enter at the first roped entrance directly in front of the Blue Doors cabins. You will state your name and show your pass confirmation on your phone(s) in order to enter and park.

WILL MY CAR BE SEARCHED? No. We will not be searching your vehicle. We are all adults, so please remember that anything dangerous, hazardous or deadly is prohibited (and a bad idea in general).

WILL MY BAGS BE SEARCHED? To maintain safety, we will ask that you open large bags but we will not be searching through your belongings. Again, please be respectful and mindful on the items you bring into the fest. There will be zero tolerance for anything dangerous or hazardous to others. 

ARE PETS ALLOWED? No. Pets of any kind will not be allowed on the property. 

CAN I BRING IN ALCOHOL? Yes. Please be mindful of the quantity and consumption of alcohol at this fest. We ask that you refrain from bringing large amounts of liquor or alcohol. There will be zero tolerance for extreme inebriated behavior. 

IS THIS FEST HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE? Yes. There is a path that would be accessible for wheelchairs. There are no large hills or stairs on the property. But understand this is outdoor and grass terrain. 

WHEN IS THE EARLIEST ON FRIDAY I CAN ARRIVE? 11:00am on Friday, September 22nd.

CAN I COME AND GO ON THE PROPERTY? Yes. Below you will see a list of Local Stores and Local Attractions in the area. We ask that you return to the fest by sun down. 



HOW MANY STAGES AND BANDS WILL THERE BE? There are 3 stages and over 40 bands.

WHEN WILL THE SET-TIMES BE ANNOUNCED? Official set-times will be announced the week of the fest weekend. 

WHEN DOES MUSIC BEGIN AND END EACH DAY? Music will begin early afternoon on Friday, early morning on Saturday and stop around 2:00 am + begin early morning Sunday until 1:00 pm.

WHAT ELSE HAPPENS BESIDES MUSIC? There will be workshops going on all weekend in the Zen Den + Healing Area. A listed schedule for the entire weekend will be accessible to all pass holders.

WHAT IS THE ZEN DEN + HEALING AREA? This area is for yoga of all kinds (including acro), sound healing/meditation, healing vendors and more. 

WHO IS LEADING/HOSTING THE WORKSHOPS? Be Love Yoga Studio will be gathering amazing artists and healers to create a weekend of activity, education and connection.  

WHAT DOES "GREEN FEST" MEAN? This means that we are conscious of our foot print within the environment and this fest will respect this mindset. We will be practicing compost and recycle principles and we will not be providing any sort of trash containers. You will be responsible for removing your own trash. CLICK HERE to learn more.

WHO DO I CONTACT FOR PRESS? Please send press inquires to indigofest2017@gmail.com

I WANT MY BAND TO PLAY THIS YEAR? Band submissions are officially closed for this year's INDIGO FEST. 

HOW CAN I APPLY TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER? There are a limited amount of volunteer opportunities left for this fest. CLICK HERE to be directed to the Eventbrite Volunteer page. 

IS THERE WATER PROVIDED? Yes. We will have water stations on the grounds. Please bring water bottles or containers to use for the weekend. 

WILL TRASH BAGS BE PROVIDED? Yes. Please bring your own for each day as well. You will be responsible for any waste that is not recyclable or compost materials. 

IS THERE WIFI? Due to the large amount of people on the property,WIFI will not be accessible. Please feel free to bring a personal hotspot.

WHAT FOOD WILL BE THERE? Stay tuned closer to the fest weekend for food vendor announcements. 

ARE THE TICKS AND MOSQUITOES BAD THERE? This area is like all other forests across Oklahoma. Be prepared for all kinds of bugs to invade your space. Bring bug spray, long pants and be sure to close your tents and bags at all times. Bring blankets, tarps or tapestries to leave your items on, or to sit on. You may also see snakes, squirrels + possums. (large animals are not an issue)

CAN I STILL APPLY TO BECOME A VENDOR? Yes, but please be aware vendor spaces are limited. Apply to vend at this event HERE and we will connect with you about your status.


HARPS FOOD STORE  603 N Main St, Gore, OK 74435
DOLLAR GENERAL  1009 N Main St, Gore, OK 74435
GAMBINO'S PIZZA 1100 N Main St, Gore, OK 74435
SODA STEVE'S RESTAURANT 445889 OK-10A, Gore, OK 74435


LAKE TENKILLER SWIMMING BEACHES - Lake Tenkiller State Park or at the Strayhorn Marina. Both are very close to Blue Doors and can be found through Google Maps.
THE LOWER ILLINOIS RIVER - Tubing and Kayaking: Check the area for Kayak rentals at least 2 weeks before the weekend.
PEEK-A-BOO PETTING ZOO - RR 1, Box 135-8, Gore, OK 74435


YOUR EMAILED TICKET confirmation upon entry. If you forget, upon arrival your name will listed on our entry sheet, and your wristband will be given upon arrival. Your name and purchase number will be on your ticket.

TOTEMS AND FLAGS  are allowed along with flags as long as they do not contain sharp objects or offensive content.

TENT/HAMMOCK is your "home away from home" and will be your responsibility! Not a fan of camping? Check out the cabin rental options HERE.

TARP protection is always a solid idea to put down before you set up your tent. Also, make sure you bring the top cover for your tent, in case it rains.

UMBRELLA OR PONCHO because INDIGO FEST will take place rain or shine. We try and only think positive weather vibes, always! Just in case, bring your umbrella or sexy ponchos.

BLANKETS AND PILLOWS are something you don't want to forget or you may have to spoon with a friend for the night.      

YOGA MAT, BLANKETS, CAMP CHAIRS for comfortable digs to sit on to enjoy the music vibes or if you want to join in on yoga/healing activities.

POWERED LANTERN OR FLASHLIGHT  Play it safe & bring a flashlight with you. Relying on your phone alone, isn't a good idea. (battery or solar powered lights only)

REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE Bring your own water bottle/water container for water. We will not be selling or providing anything in plastic. (recycle bins will be on site for anything you need to dispose of)

COOLER, FOOD AND WATER Be sure to bring enough snacks that will satisfy your cravings. Some food trucks will be on site. (no grills or glass bottles please)

TRASH BAGS This is a zero waste fest. Please bring a trash bag for your tent space (we will provide some as well). You will be responsible for all your own waste. Recycle bins for plastic and compost stations will be on site.

GLOW TOYS If you want to glow in the woods, bring bright lights that make you feel joy in your heart!

INSECT REPELLENT  WARNING: Mosquitoes & Ticks are real life in the woods and especially brutal this year! Be sure to spray yourself down so you don't itch.

SMOKING There will be a designated cigarette smoking area. Please do NOT throw your cigarettes on the ground. A more environment friendly solution is to roll your own cigs. (just a thought)


BLUE DOORS AT TENKILLER  98413 OK-100, Gore, OK 74435 - (918) 489-2174

Make sure your question was not answered above. If it wasn't, 
email us at IndigoFest2017@gmail.com