During this retreat, expect fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, protein-based foods and plenty of hydration.

Gluten-free, dietary restrictions and allergies are no issue - this will be noted in the welcome packet we will email registered participants prior to the retreat.

Please be aware meals are mindfully portioned to help re-balance your system. We will be providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the duration of each retreat.

Holistic Meals prepared by

Instagram | @LOVE.WINS.
Email | Love_Wins@cox.net

"To feed people is merely another expression of art and love…"

Laura’s lifelong love of food became a passion while raising her daughters and having small gatherings in her home. Twenty years of private and professional event planning and several years in the juicing industry led her to the beginning of THE TRIBE… where she is the Creative Curator for inspired gatherings… every detail.  

Laura’s journey with several serious health issues has contributed to her enthusiasm to share her story with food and to love and feed people. With a desire to construct simple healthy meals with clean ingredients from local sources when possible, Laura’s hope is that we will raise our awareness of what we eat and where it comes from. Food is medicine. And when we eat well… we feel well. But it doesn’t end there. Something happens when people share food. It is one of our great common connectors with each other. Where there is food, there is love.

As a 6th generation Oklahoman, Laura currently lives in Oklahoma City.  Laura works with a non-profit in the Paseo Arts District while also continuing her personal practice of full body-mind wellness including art, adventure, meditation, and of course … eating with her tribe.

Love wins, Lauralee Bowen