This is my body, don't tell me what to do with it.

Do not define me by the color of my hair.
By the bleach I choose to cover over my mousey blonde; I am not hiding.

The feminine sway of my back that arches, it is not a form of seduction.
It is the curve of my feminine nature and I honor my sway.

I will show it if I choose to do so.

Do not define me by the substance I choose to sip, the smoke I choose to elude from my lungs or the curse words that roll off my tongue, effortlessly.

The moments I choose to spread myself open for another; baring my naked skin.

This is my body, don't tell me what to do with it.

Do not judge me by the words I speak to myself in the mirror, days when my own reflection makes me want to shut my eyes. Some days you may see beauty while all I see is a distorted figure. This too shall pass.

But can not single-handedly distort me because I no longer allow myself to be defined or stereotyped.

I am not mediocre, I am fucking magic. 

I am a woman.

Undefinable, unrepentant and never diluted or dissolved by the projections of others.

You can not tear me apart with your opinions.

If I am to be torn a part, it will be by my own doing.

I am not a sinner, I am not a saint, I am not above or below another. 

I am you and we are..... all of us.

My existence may look different than yours.

Get over it.

I am not doing it wrong and neither are you.
You can't define something that you can't see through.

I am an undefinable woman.

This life I live is just for me.

Britt Johnson