Surrender or Panic - The Moments We Have To Just Breathe

As we creep closer and closer to this Full Moon in Virgo, I feel pieces of my past hurts and memories, lifting off my being.

This week I decided to go to a new spa in Oklahoma City called Udånder. A Scandinavian steam and sauna spa that also provides an aromatherapy steam room, dry sauna, polar shower, and herbal soaking tubs.

As soon as I walked into the space, I felt relaxed and centered.

As I stripped down, wrapped my cotton rob around me and slipped my rubber shoes on, I knew I was about to shift my energy.

I began in the Sauna. A 100+ degree box that wrapped me in heat the moment I stepped in. I let my bare skin take in the warmth, laid on my towel and took a giant, deep breath in.

After about 15 minutes, I headed to the polar shower. A cold shower that recharges your body, strips any negative energy, and wakes every dormant cell that needs to be shaken awake.

After the polar shower I stepped into the Aromatherapy Steam Room that is infused with the lung-cleansing oil of Eucalyptus. To say it was intense is an understatement. You step into a room that smells like utopia, but leaves your sense of site debilitated.

You have to step in, navigate with easy, soft steps and just breathe.

As I sat down, I realized I had no other choice but to focus on my breathing. Every few minutes and newly intense push of steam and eucalyptus would fill the room. And just as I silence my mind in mediation, I had to do the same within this steam.

But then I realized that not only was it my mind I had to silence from wondering off, it was the sensations through my body that said, "Get out of here!" (still my mind playing tricks on me) It is the heat that takes over your senses, mixed in with the intense oils and steam.

I learned within a few minutes of sitting there, I either Surrender or Panic- it is my choice.

I sat in there for about 10 minutes, got out and drank a lovely cup of oil-infused water, and sat in a lounge chair in silence. I was thinking about this idea of surrendering or panicking. I was already thinking about how I would describe this to others and incorporate my experience in a comparison for this life we are living.

I have learned so many things within my 30 years of life. And I have realized it is never ending and we will never stop having these monumental realizations.

I have learned just how complicated we make life to be. But in reality, we are meant to take soft, easy steps and just breathe. We have the choice to be guided by our emotions and senses, or overthink situations and panic.

If I would have over thought my experience in that utopia room of Eucalyptus, I would have let my experience be short lived due to my panic. But, I surrendered while also listening when my body said enough.

During this hour of cleansing, I knew that I had just accomplished more than I ever thought I would by stepping foot into Udånder.

The moments in life when we must slow down and breathe, are the monumental ones. When we can take a pause and center our minds within all perspectives; we will align with everything we desire within this life.

I am learning that everything I want and need, is coming into my life within divine timing. So, I choose to silence my panic, surrender, breathe and take in the moments of this beautiful journey as they come.

If you are an Oklahoma native, I would highly suggest you have an experience of cleansing, surrender and rejuvenation at Udånder.

Namaste, Britt