My Son Keeps My Spirit Wild & Free

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It is the wild within me that needs to be sparked often.

Within the moments I am not aligned with who I am, I know it is because my wild spirit has been silenced in some way.

My son holds my spirit in child form.

He is my inspiration when the flame of my imagination is dimmed. He is the physical reminder that I need to put my bare feet in the dirt, when my fingernails look better with the Earth underneath them, and when my body feels cleansed while sweating in the hot sun.

He reminds my spirit within of the dreams I have forgotten. The magical lands that are behind this veil of truth.  He reminds me of the way rocks are shaped like animal, the ocean that lives inside sea shells, and how the clouds cover the sun and form patches of shade on the mountains.

He is the wild spirit I wished I had as a best friend when I was young.

The times when I escaped into the forest to talk about wild mushrooms, moss and frogs outloud to myself.

My son keeps me in every moment. Helping me to only think about what is in "the now". He reminds me to be still, listen and be content.

His love for the smallest of animals humbles my soul.

My son reminds me to take my shirt off, be free and let my hair flow in the wind. He doesn't understand why it is okay for him to be half naked and not a women. He reminds me of the logic within society.

He will be the light who helps rewrite it.

My son is named Justice and justice for the people he shall be. His heart is strong, his thoughts are wise and his spirit is wild.

Wild. Free. Compassionate. Kind.

He is the Indigo Child that will change us into a new earth. Into a new society of justice and oneness. He is the soul who keeps my spirit wild and free.

Aho beautiful, wild Justice!

Britt Johnson