Post Retreat: Keeping the Momentum

Everything is brighter, I am more at peace and I’m smiling at strangers. Of course this is a normal mentality after attending a mind-expanding, wellness-restoring retreat this past weekend.  Over the course of three days, 28 strangers bonded as one, we cleansed our souls and bodies and participated in grounding activities such as yoga, holistic-healing practices and howled at the Pisces Full Moon together. I don’t want this glow of excitement to go away.  I don’t think any of us do after experiencing something so uplifting and balancing.

morning yoga at you.are.venus. holistic retreat in okahoma

morning yoga at you.are.venus. holistic retreat in okahoma

To keep my own momentum going (and maybe yours), here are conscious steps I’m integrating back into “normal” life.

  1. Be vulnerable - this one might be the hardest. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak, it means being open to new opportunity, relationships and situations (both comfortable and uncomfortable). Now is the time to embrace that circumstance you’ve felt you couldn’t do or that encounter you’ve been putting off. Let your beautiful power and self-love guide your way. It won’t fail you.
  2. Smile - I smiled all weekend at the retreat, but bringing that happy-faced action home might fade with time and real-world stressors. For right now and hopefully forever, I’m embracing it no matter how silly I might look. Smiling connects people more than you think and opens up conversation and maybe even opportunity. Who knows what could happen with one genuine grin.
  3. Make those things that irked you bring you peace - Traffic and rude drivers are those situations that can make my blood boil, but I’m embracing tranquility of sitting in a standstill with the world around me or letting that car cut in front of me without a curse word (they can’t hear you anyway so what’s the point?!).  I meditate (okay, not with my eyes closed) and embrace the stillness within my car; my space. It’s now my quiet time to let go and let it all be.
  4. Embrace the health - After a few days of clean eating, you might find yourself fuller quicker and clear headed. This is intentional and you can easily incorporate healthy eating habits after any kind of event like a retreat. When eating out, portion sizes are insanely big so ask for a to-go box soon after you start to eat, it’ll hold yourself accountable not to overeat and as a bonus, you have lunch for the next day. Also incorporate new fruits, vegetables and grains in your diet.  Always wanted to try quinoa, spaghetti squash or papaya? Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose. I’m betting you’ll love it.
  5. Connect with your sisters - You’ve likely met and had deep conversations with people who have made you feel more centered, happier and might’ve made you face some issues you’ve putting off. There is no coincidence when it comes to the people we meet. Don’t let those relationships go. Nurture those connections/friendships through meeting up, phone calls are even adding them on your social media accounts. Go to them when you’re having tough times, sometimes those who don’t know you all too well are the best ones to say it all to.

Settling back into reality can be challenging especially when your daily routine might involve sitting in front of a glaring computer screen with hard fluorescent lights above, balancing motherhood or dealing with real stressors (money worries, health concerns and uncertain changes). That being said, I’m sure inside you feel a slight glow you brought back into your world. Share it with others, talk about it and put it into practice. Take your “walk away” from the retreat (or anything similar) and turn it into your everyday.