The Beauty in being an Enlightened Vagabond | Airport Confessions

It's the moments of transit that change us, that move us into acceptance and desire.

I have seen and felt, the beautiful moments of growth in places we transit from one location to the next.

It's within the chaos of airports I have experienced emotional meltdowns and beautiful moments of clarity.

I have found myself escaping to the bathroom of a busy airport, while trying to pull my carry-on, backpack and over priced bottle of water into a tiny stall, while releasing tears of anxiety.
I realize within those moments of movement, I am most vulnerable. And then I catch myself surrendering to the moment and not giving a damn who sees me fall a part.

I have felt helplessness, sadness, anxiousness, pure bliss, excitement and contentment in airports and planes. And I have felt all of those emotions within one sitting; one transit between my departure and arrival.

I have found myself at the same terminal, at two different moments in my life, experiencing two different outcomes.
I once left LAX with joy and consuming love with all that the Universe provided within my travels. While another time, at the same terminal, I felt heart break and confusion.

I have missed flights and sat motionless in delays that lasted hours. In those moments, I realized it was synchronized just right so I could meet specific souls for conversation.

I've ran through airports like a mad woman, trying to find gifts, minutes before the gates closed. I've had meltdowns listening to music while writing my soul out on paper. I've done yoga and meditated while listening to Podcasts as I was looked upon with confusion.

I've watched as families say goodbye with heart breaking kisses and watery eyes.

I've met amazing souls while drinking $9 draft beers.
The explorers, teachers, seekers of love, and those trying to find their way to a place they feel is home.

I've secretly been envious of the Welcome Home signs and tearful, passionate Hello's.
I have watched embraces that seem to last for minutes as lovers reconnect, body to body.

I feel such beauty in those moments as their emotions flood over my being.

It's the moments of transit in life that change us, move us and jolt us to remember who we are and what is important.

An epiphany in the same terminal, and return back into a whole new moment in time, changes everything. And if we are paying attention, those moments can shift our whole reality.

Life is so much like the container of an airport. We meet every kind of soul that is possible in this life. And we feel and witness every emotion imaginable.

We have a beginning and an ending during each phase; each current path.
We get to choose to stop movement, stay in one place for a long or short period of time.

We choose our desired class and location. And the most important part, we trust in the process.

We trust that this journey we are going on will fly straight, take off without complication, safely get us to where we are going and land us right where we desire to be.

We know that planes crash and there are malfunctions, but we keep flying. We keep returning to those overpriced flights and food because it's worth it. The preparation and struggles are worth it.

The connections, the growth and the experiences we receive are done in a divine way.

I travel now with a conscious awareness to open my heart to possibility. I know things may not work out like I imagine, but I ignore those thoughts and keep focused on my plans and desires.

I know at the other end of my journey, my flight and destination; it is filled with true love and happiness.

I've learned these beautiful lessons within the mixture of energies of an airport.
And the most important lesson I've learned is the Welcome Home sign and Hello embrace, followed by endless tears, has already happened.

It was the moment I woke up and remembered who I am, my inner power and my strength.

It was the moment I fell in love myself and all that I am.

We are never truly seeking anything that is beyond who we know we are, deep within ourselves.

What we seek is but a mirror of our own soul. The reflection of our own deep love, passionate embraces and moments of pure bliss and clarity.

The next time you travel, be aware of all that you are feeling, seeing and hearing. There are waves of synchronized truths waiting for you to clash into.

-Britt Johnson