How to Stay Grounded & Active During This Political Climate

There we were, myself in Washington, DC & Britt in Oklahoma City, swimming in the sea of this new revolution. Handmade signs appeared in the crowd like wave capped foam in a deep sea of pink (thanks to those pussy hats). Children, men, trans, people of every color & race, gender non-conforming & every type of woman imaginable - from 3 years old to 93 years old all gathered this weekend. Why? Many personal, many glaringly obvious, but many came from the heart dropping disappointment & sadness felt with we realized our country wasn't as progressive & heart forward as we thought.

Two days after the Women's March & I'm still feeling dizzy.
Dizzy because it provided a high of this powerful community.
Dizzy because it was the kindest group of people I've ever been in (lot's of "oh! Excuse me, coming through!").
Dizzy because I realize Trump had to be elected to sew together this monstrous community of support & love.
Dizzy because I feel in every part of my body, mind & heart this is only the beginning.
Dizzy because I’ve come from conservative roots & now I see the contrast so clearly.
Dizzy because people were marching on all 7 continents - including 30 women in Antarctica.

I’ll never be able to put the emotions into words nor the sights or the energy. Many people on the contrasting side have internalized the Women’s March as a “sad group of man-hating fat women” or “new-wave feminists who can’t get over the win” - we wish they could’ve been there, even if for a moment, swimming in that powerful sea of love. This is what we’re up against, others (many of them women) who have been told we’re nasty, sore losers, man-haters, delusional, etc. Saturday was exactly opposite of all those words & no verbal justification or explaining is needed for our oppressors & criticizers. Our soul, eyes & heart has been the first seat passenger on all the reasons why we march, support & move forward.

So, we’ve marched. We've witnessed the emergence of this movement. We should all honor the fights & souls that have blazed this path. We are in it now. The common question & topic of “what’s next?” follows. A high energy & emotional event (like this weekend) is life altering but keeping the momentum is the powerful aftermath we're all responsible for. We’re going to talk about it, because it's just as important as coming together. Below, we’re listing suggestions & resources for fostering this powerful force you’ve created along with others. If you have any suggestions or more to add, we’re glad to do so, just reach out to us at


Meditate, practice some deep breath work, stretch, take baths. In these times of verbal attacks & quick judgements, you’ll need to carve out time for self-care & self-love. Many people (especially women) who are overextended, over-worked & underappreciated are those who anger quickly & without much thought (media usually helps fuel up manufactured thinking). Slowing down, taking a breather does wonders for the body & mind.


This might be an excellent time to cut ties with your cable company, plus it’ll save you some extra dough for some self-care & pampering (above). Given the political climate, the news causes anxiety & snap judgements. Turning it off for a whole week or permanently might be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Checking your phone falls right along these lines, challenge yourself & others to check your social media 2 - 3 times a day, turn off your notifications or leave your phone in another room. Not ready for this? Check out this gradual 7 Day Smart Phone Detox here.


If you’re like us & have family members who lash out at you with hurtful, ignorant & thoughtless comments (usually on social media, because there’s no facial confrontation), you don’t have to fight back. Ever. At this point, there are amazing resources out there for them to gain a full & eloquent answer to their “why are you whining?” and “he’s a great guy, why can’t you give him a chance?”. Some great ones are here:

A breakdown of “why women marched”
List of republican leaders that don’t support trump
Documented statements Trump has said about women While Running for president
Anything on
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Being an activist on Saturday was easy & we hope it brought on a sense accountability to bring home to your everyday life. What does this mean? Write your senators (why & steps below), meet others through events who share similar passions & voice (Meetup groups & Facebook events are a great go-to), attend rallys & marches. Most of all - be KIND, pick up someone else’s trash, pay for someone else’s coffee in the drive through, volunteer, donate - whatever you feel like doing to show this revolution is thoughtful & human-focused.  

The next march in Washington is the People's Climate March on 4/29, get in on the action here.


Right now, people are encouraged to write to their state senators to tell them why & how we will continue to organize & fight in response to the political, social & environmental climate. Why postcards? They’re inexpensive, easy to write & visually receptive to the recipient. The Women’s March website provides a step-by-step resource with mailing addresses here


It doesn't take much research to realize Mother Earth is getting the shaft this term. This couldn’t be a better time to embrace green, eco-friendly switches & mindful living. Reusable grocery bags, abandon paper towels, glass containers instead of plastic, composting, turning off lights & shorter showers, biking more, switching to LED bulbs, create your own chemical-free cleaning products, flush less & opt out of junk mail.

Here are some additional lists:
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"6 Tips for Sustainable Living"
"25 Green Eco-Friendly Products"
"Ways to Go Green"


Our Trans, Cisgender, Black Lives Matter, Disabled & Queer communities are part of this, too. Don’t know much about your trans community? LEARN & connect. Be quiet & allow someone to tell you why their life matters. Ask their story, ask how the current political state makes them feel & open your heart (& mind, for some people). In sharing, you’ll find this movement even more powerful.


Did you know multi-billion dollar corporations such as LL Bean, QVC, Yuengling Beer & DSW have supported the Trump election or carry a Trump branded product? When we purchase something, we're putting our earned dollars towards more than a product, we're putting our money towards energy. Find an amazing list of stores, brands & companies to avoid here: #GrabYourWallet. Just as important? Purchasing goods from good-willed, green-forward, women, LGBTQ, & minority run businesses & makers. Here are some amazing lists to support other forward thinkers through their goods & services.
Lesbian & Bisexual Owned Business
Black lesbian, bisexual, queer or transgender woman
Top Green Companies of 2016
Minority & Woman-owned Business Directory
Top 20 Socially Responsible Companies

For those take issue where our stance is, please unfollow us. It's that simple. For all of the other brothers, sisters, gender non-conforming souls who we will proudly fight with, let's do this.

Love & peace prevail...
Bethany & Britt