Speaking Your Truth

release your attachments to the outcome

By: Bethany

My stomach twisted into tight knots each morning I woke the days leading up to the moment. I rehearsed the words in my head until I could say them without thinking. I grew fond of an audio meditation titled, "Don't Let Fear Stop You From Speaking Your Truth". I was preparing & giving myself lots of love before a difficult conversation that was overdue. Overdue on my end because of my dislike of confrontation.

Some people don't flinch (or have too much of a hard time) declaring their truth verbally, no matter how harsh or eloquent it might come across. I do, I always have.

This has held me back in many ways - allowing lackluster relationships to linger, being an unhappy employee & not standing up for people, situations & myself when it was desperately needed.

I allowed my truth to represent itself, with a shaky voice I declared my frustrations, but balanced it with respect to the person I was speaking with. This recent confrontation has been a huge mirror into a bolder path I'm taking, giving me a boost & heightened awareness that I must speak my truth. FROM HERE ON OUT.

One vital component of this transformation into someone who says what she needs (or doesn't need) is this sentence.

release yourself from the attachment of outcomes or expectations based on others' behavior.

When speaking your truth, you must be at peace with someone's perception of you. They might think you're a bitch, too direct, selfish or even foolish, but know this is only projection - your truth is a indicator so sacred, it provides an immediate physical & spiritual release once vocalized. That my love, is not selfish. That's allowing your soul to talk.

Unleashing this "soul speak" only carves a more authentic path for you. It releases you from the constraints of what no longer serves you & allowing this is cracking open doors along your journey.