Stretched thin & the power of "no"



A short & powerful word that typically carries much social negativity in our constant-moving culture.

As we grow older, our calendar or planners in tow, we're bombarded with work, maintaining our health, scheduling dinners with friends, birthdays, contributing at home, attending weddings, showers, running errands... the list could stretch a mile.

When we quiet the noise & focus inward, we can't help but acknowledge our tired body, noisy mind & overworked heart declaring, "I'm exhausted".

When you're exhausted, it is the time to say no to those things that exhaust you.

Personally, the past two weeks have been borderline overwhelming - traveled to New York for a wedding, moved apartments, attended a bachelorette in South Carolina all while planning for our next retreat, less than a week away and running a small business.

During this time, I've taken inventory of body when it gets overwhelmed, paying careful attention to my mind & heart, in doing so, I embrace a new, relieving, simple response of "no".

Declining the invitation to meet up with friends, going out to dinners & even yoga class is something I'm not "feeling bad" about. I'm in tune to the stretch of my energy resulting in the disability for me to be fully present. Every person I have a relationship with deserves my whole, balanced presence, just like I do from them.

To force yourself to merely "show up" when you're mentally, physically & spiritually exhausted is not only harmful to yourself, but also to the energy you spread to the people you care about.

In our culture, we're programmed to get to work early, stay late (seriously, I worked for a company where this was one of the golden rules...) & go go go all the time. Shedding this distorted mindset & giving yourself the space, time & sanity by saying "no" almost trivializes our misguided, selfless society. I've found it also provides a very heightened contrast to those people who won't give themselves a break because they're in fear of letting themselves & others down.

Be the light. Give yourself the space. Your soul will only boast balanced energy & a more magical you.

If you need another push, this short video from Gaga should do the trick. The analogy might be on a different course, but the answer's all the same.