Balance or Burnout

You.are.venus. how to balance or handle burnout


Taking a pay cut, apartment hunting, a whole slew of trips to plan, balancing two small businesses and a full time job has finally catapulted me into a phase of burnout. It's quite interesting to look back on the past few months when I was happily juggling everything with a whirlwind-like grace and composure (I'm a Virgo), now, all I want to do is crash and wallow in a little self-pity (hello, March astrology!).

I am not alone, this happens - especially when we are able to balance so well. We need moments of crashing to only allow room for surrender. This sweet surrender (along with time and healing) will heighten your awareness and grow you in other ways you wouldn't have known without nurturing this burnout.

Easier said than done, so I've been taking these small actions to recover and untangle why the Universe is keeping me still.

- Bethany

For me, come to challenging people and situations. In these moments, I lean in on personal/soul accountability and ask, "why is this person bothering me, what is that mirroring upon myself?" I answer - usually not the easiest, but unraveling my issues is removing the block to propel me forward.

I transitioned practicing yoga from my home to a studio. It makes me feel a little out of control, but each time I practice, I feel more connected back to myself and to the other people in the class. Yoga has become my therapy, my frustration outlet, my get-my-ass-in-shape routine that I now couldn't live without. Also, GET OUTSIDE. Allow the stillness of this new Spring season clear your blocks and realign your mind.

There's nothing wrong to ask for some damn guidance or a sign or two to make sure you're on (or not on) the right path. For me, it's the moments of mind-overload when something appears (usually an nature-related) that literally vibrates within my soul "keep still" or "yep, you're right". Brittany has really been my cheerleader on really opening my eyes and being downright demanding that signs (vision, dreams, numerology) show up when we need them.

Your birth chart, astrology forecasts and moon phases can all play an indicator in energetic shifts and emotions. Curious? Learn more about it all here.



I have always been someone who jumps into something headfirst. (I am a Sagittarius Woman) But, my ascending is Libra. (the sign of balance)

I have had to learn over time, with the help of my earthy Virgo friends, that thinking about the process beforehand, can be a pretty good idea. I hate the thought of over thinking things and not allowing flow. But, there is a balance in between spontaneity and over-analyzing.

I have learned in the last two months, thank you Mercury Retrograde (blah), that I hit high peeks of creative flow and then I come down hard. There is no balance within this and I am now present in seeing this. For me it's kind of like eating a dozen cupcakes and then having one hell of a come down an hour later.

I never noticed what this did to my physical body, nor did I slow down enough to see a pattern. I never knew what the signs where, when I wasn't grounded and when I needed to surrender and let things unfold as they should.

I am paying attention now and finding peace within my conscious balancing.


Are my decisions coming from a place of pure desire, intention and serving the highest good of my inner being?

Am I choosing to fill my calendar with "to do lists" to keep myself busy and distracted from what is really bothering me?

Am I sharing how I truly feel or silencing myself from fear of how I will be perceived?

Have I been outside grounding in nature and getting enough sun?

*Am I allowing the unfolding and momentum to take place, or am I introducing resistance by pushing against what I desire with force?

* Have I checked in with my body today? Do I hurt anywhere or feel overly exhausted?
Our emotions are the indicators towards our alignment and balance. We should all consistently feel excited, happy, grateful and motivated. Let your body tell you what it needs and honor your truth, always!