Evolving, Enlightenment WITH A Job that holds you back

By: Bethany + Britt

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"It was good, it kept me busy."

My mother's words (these words) echo as we end our long distance call. She recently landed a new job and was reflecting upon her past position which worked her until thankless late hours (every night, including weekends) for the past 6 years. Her new job is now allowing her flexibility to take care of my sick grandfather and keep grounded with many changes affecting her life.

"It kept me busy"

I don't ever want to be ... busy.

I want to spend my waking hours doing something that brings me discovery, growth and also balances my personal life.

As divine timing would have it, the past two weeks (same time frame my mother changed jobs) I quit my idle job, at the same time my girlfriend's company (who had filed for bankruptcy and bought out by another corporation) declined an offer the same unproductive position (same pay, same role).  Synchronicity with others is inevitable if you let it happen naturally, don't agitate it until that boost of "okay, let's take action" happens. Then action IS taken.

Sitting at a desk, starting computer screen, under glaring fluorescent lights, in a highly misogynistic & controlling environment weighed down part of my soul. Each day, while growing more humble and enlightened on the inside and in my personal life, the 8 long hours I spent at work didn't reflect this.

That little voice in my head would pipe in, "This doesn't match who you are anymore, it doesn't serve you".  And in times I felt defeated, threatened and exhausted, that same voice would gently declare, "This isn't permanent. Change is coming."

That inner voice led me and two weeks ago, something came over me, I peaked at a job posting board, found a small-based business that I already had connections with (and genuine interest in), so emailed my resume and landed the job the next day after an interview.

My story of finding my enlightened self in a stagnant (and even manipulative) work environment is common. Too common.

It's reality versus desire.
Stability versus dreams.
Security versus change.

Add on a mortgage, children, taking care of an elderly parent or personal illness and this battle is heightened tenfold.

How do we change the course of our unhappy work lives to a position that means something to our soul and balances our personal world? I don't have an all-knowing answer, but what I'm learning (and what has manifested) is happy soul = happy roles. Here are some ideas on how to do this:

1. Be Specific

Most people don't change their course to a better one without having an idea of what they want; what a new direction will look and feel like. Create the ideal job or work situation in your mind, write about it, daydream about it, manifest it into existence. For example, the past month, I grew slightly envious of seeing people on morning runs on the way to my downtown office. I thought "this is what I want, I want to have time for myself in the mornings, I want to run like this!" as the Universe heard my daily desire, it delivered. Now my new workday starts at 11am so I'll be running and getting my yoga on as I've always wanted.

2. Love yourself enough to know you deserve better

Clear blocks that are holding you back and free yourself from any limiting beliefs because when you love your soul, body and ways of thinking, you will literally breathe new opportunity and connections into your life. This is not ego but self-love (know the difference because there is). If your drive is ego-fulfilling then your path will serve only the ego and not the whole self and I promise you'll know the difference.  Deserving better also means letting go of those relationships that hold you stalemate and any toxic energy circulating in your workplace that leads to harmful energy flows or blocks. Cutting cords from those things that don't serve your soul or new opportunity are vital to letting new and exciting possibilities.

3. Find things to get to you where you want to be

I never graduated college because I (along with the majority of 20-somethings) didn't know what I really wanted to do or who I even was. Luckily, I blazed through coursework and real-life curriculum on my own by signing up for workshops, reading and researching things I was truly interested in and taking risks by starting my own ventures while building a line of connections and resources along the way.  I listened to my inner voice when it pulled me to take a doula workshop or when I started blogging and I listened to it again when I launched an all-natural apothecary line. I'm listening to it again as I've accepted a new position that will allow me to put all these accumulated skills and aspects I love and am good at (connecting, serving and driving traffic) into a full time position.

4. Pull support from all directions

Follow your astrology forecasts, practice Visualization, carry or meditate with crystals that enhances new opportunities (Citrine is my favorite). If you need an astrologer's forecast to guide you when to keep your ears open then do it! Put it all out there and let it carve a path of reality for you. When you get the itch to look for something else, say what you want out loud (however the words come to you). The power of your intentions and the methods you practice used to strengthen them will work to breathe it into existence. Think of what you desire and then align with those desires by letting go. By letting the Universe take over, there is less resistance towards that desire. We desire things because we want to feel good (that's the basis of what we truly want) and to live the lives we have always imagined, we have to be happy and content within before any "conditional" conquest will truly fulfill us.

5. Cool it, timing is everything

Let things work the way they're intended to. Don't fester and don't settle for an "easy ticket" job just to get you out of the one you don't like. This is important during manifestation. A Course in Miracles teaches: "Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety." A frenzied mind is one that cannot balance clearing blocks, focus on visualization or trust that the Universe will provide (all in the right time). Understanding and working through agitation is also extremely important as you'll carry it through to your next role if not combated.

An analogy I will hold onto until death is this: When we are conceived, our bodies are being formed with precision, timing and ease. Within that 9 months of gestation, we are not worried or bothered by what color our eyes should be, the length in which we should grow or color of our skin. Instead, we are letting Source, Creator, the Universe - transform our being and align us to that in which is intended. We let go, and in turn, everything happens without any resistance.

So, the same is to be said for the next 90 years of your life. Things don't go into an undesirable direction until we begin getting in our own way. We put our own agenda into the mix and carve a path of unwanted obstacles. We create resistance by false expectations of ourselves or by listening to the expectations towards our path by those around us.

When you desire something into the core of your being, it is already on its way. Trust in this!

In all aspects of our lives we want the best possible outcomes. Let the job you have always wanted, the lover you desire to be with or the place you have always dreamed of living come to you when you are aligned and ready. Not a moment sooner.

Stop renewing your relationship with conditions you don't want.

Believe all that you are seeking is just around the corner.

Believe you are worth it all.