Loving myself. Falling in love.

I've been lucky enough to have fallen in love with more than one soul in my lifetime. I've been even luckier to realize each coming and going of that soul within my path was preparing me for growth, another phase and learning about my soul on a raw and honest level.

It wasn't easy to let go of those attachments, routines and resentments. But I did.

After the dissolution of a 5 year relationship 2 years ago, I went all humpy dumpty and put myself back together again. In this time of reconstruction of my soul, I discovered many parts were changed.

I was stronger.

I acknowledged my flaws.

I was less resentful than I expected.

And I surprisingly found a lot of room in my rehabilitated heart to love again.

After time alone (so quiet it was almost majestic), a solo trip to another country, forgiving myself and learning to love my spirit and body again, like clockwork, this universe put someone in my path to set my soul on fire.

I've never known connection, passion and stillness with the entrance of this new soul into my world. At 31 years old, I feel balanced with someone who loves my mind, character and body for what it is now - not what it was, what it could or should be, but the present and rawest form of my soul.

More that the relationship I adore (and feels so familiar), I truly love myself.

It is by me loving my own mind, journey and body that this universe has set up this arrangement. The universe has its plans ... full of gut-wrenching twists and surprises but it always has your back. Always.

When you love yourself on every level, you will attract people and opportunities. You will attract lovers who ignite never-known passion and friends grow your soul in ways unimaginable. New and exciting circumstances will flood in.

In falling out of a relationship and finding yourself in a new one (a better one), we [hopefully] realize we wouldn't be in that beautiful situation without all the other stories of past lovers (meeting, ending, learning) of a previous one. It's one of the hardest situations to help open those enlightened eyes, but one of the most perfect and beautiful.

Namaste ... Bethany

Conscious love from You.Are.Venus. loving yourself first