If A Sagittarian Women Was A Drug

She's a violent storm of love the kind of woman that reminds you what it feels like to be alive

If a Sagittarian women was a drug, you would take her in with one deep, heart-centered inhale.

Her energy would take over your subconscious with flashes of lives once lived full of passion, adventure, love and pain.

A Sagittarian woman's heart is wild and free. It can never be caged.

Broken over and over again, yes. But her soul will never be captive and her heart can never be a hostage to your own desires, brokenness and dreams.

A Sagittarian women gets lost in her own head. She defeats herself at times and gets in her own way. She is constantly trying to find her way towards balance.

The fantasy world within her and the earthly, human adventures; these worlds begin to mesh together.

On most days, she feels the visions are much better than her reality.

She is rash, unapologetic, clumsy with her words, but her heart is wide open and her intentions are full of compassion.

She is a lover.

Quickly, hopelessly and with no explanation, she falls under the spell of those who consume her. She desires a love that can handle her fire, calm her down and ease her pains. She desires a love that is life long, true, free and holds no limits.

She is a seeker of a fire that will consume her soul and fills her heart with honesty. A fire that is an equal and will allow her to be free and roam this earth with no boundaries.

To her, life is the drug she chose. And she is her own drug in human form. Her highs of inspiration and her lows of sadness build the contrast.

She is constantly telling herself, just breathe, slow down, be still and everything will fall together as it should.

But her patience is short, her attention span fleeting, and she desires to see all the beautiful things in this life.

She is like the smoke you inhale. With a single breathe, you consume within all that you have ever dreamed of feeling. But you must catch her heart with gentleness and ease before she dissipates like the smoke that simmers in your lungs. And once you have made the choice to consume her, there is no turning back.

Once a Sagittarian women has mended her childhood wounds, stitched together the scrapes and cuts that past relationships left; she is unstoppable!

She is the fire you fear and the fire you always wanted.

She is the highest of highs and the drug of all drugs. She was born in the dead of winter because her strength can endure all that she heads on.

Her fire lights her way, ignites her passion and fuels her soul to blaze a trail of magnificent beauty.

She is a drug you can never get enough of.

If you choose to inhale a Sagittarian women, you are choosing to ignite the fire within yourself. She will never let you slow down, lose yourself or become stagnant. She will never stop pushing your soul to be guided to the light of who you truly are.

She is the best kind of addiction to have.

A Sagittarrian women contains the fire within that burns the stars brightly in the galaxy.

A fire that burns within you as well. This is something she will never let you forget.

If a Sagittarian women was a drug, she would be a drug that would cure the amnesia you have been under. The illusion you once saw as your existence, would be no more.

She would awaken your divine light and make you see all the beauty that is contained behind those galaxy mirrored eyes you possess.

If you allow a Sagittarian women to be your drug of choice, you choose to be awakened.

Britt Johnson

Sagittarius Woman