Not Zen Enough

Being one of the creators of You.Are.Venus. I sometimes struggle with not appearing “enlightened” enough.

See, Brittany and I are the yin and yang. She is free-spirited, I over-analyze. She writes, I edit. She meditates with candles of different colors to balance her chakras, when it is a full or new moon, she celebrates with other women (this usually involves drumming, dancing or some other ritual that might seem like a scene from “Wanderlust”) and she has psychic hunches that are almost always accurate.

On the other hand, there’s me. I like craft beer, I eat meat, I don’t always recycle and I curse in traffic. However, there's also another side of me that aligns with free-spiritedness, I make essential oil blends, I’m a huge advocate for natural childbirth/mothering practices, I occasionally practice yoga (one of my favorite classes is at a brewery … don’t judge) and feel the weight of Mercury Retrograde each time.

Still, when I look at Brittany’s life, activities and her beautiful eccentric circle of women, I’ve felt ill-equipped with my own zen.

Does this mean I’m a false representation of You.Are.Venus.? absolutely not.

As silly as I feel reading my own words, I do give into the silly thought of not being enough in this community of “enlightened” people.

Among any kind and open-minded culture, there still exists insecurity. We occasionally fester self-doubt and compare our own selves, values and grounding against the same people we cherish and admire. As women, this is even more intensified.

The funny thing is, the more I let myself be, the clearer I see my purpose. In turn, the more my own “spirituality” and self-love grows and it radiates … even to those people who appear most enlightened.

And why the hell are we creating this perfect (and unachievable) model of what “spiritual” or “enlightened” should look or feel like? It comes from your own experiences, circles of connections and clarity of who you are.  No yoga practice, chanting or herb can do that for you.

So here’s to those souls who re-think our presence within this community (or any community). You are enough. You are perfectly perfect.

(stop comparing, blaze your journey, enjoy your individuality)