My Vortex is my Touchstone

My vortex is my touchstone. I sway in and out but I can always return.

Returning means I am returning to the source within, the light that carries me to the true essence of my being. When I feel sad, lonely, or angry in my experience, I am out of alignment.

I know that I am able to know the difference because I have experienced the contrast between the two. The darkness and struggles in my life have provided me with this precious gift of gratitude, strength and everlasting knowledge from within.

I am grateful.

The contrast of feeling as if I am thriving in life. Those feeling of seeing my divine path light up in front of me, and the deep knowing that the universe will always deliver what I desire. Verses the feelings of despair, of feeling mentally and physically blocked. The feeling as if I am invisible in this world.

I know the difference so I choose the good feeling thoughts, always.

My desires are seeded within so deeply that my conscious mind may never truly comprehend all that is rooted in my being. But my higher self does, and from that perspective, I am guided to the source within.

I know now that life is too good to feel bad. We are here to be happy in whatever we do, and how we feel is the most important aspect in your life to achieving all you desire. Your point of attraction is everything and every thought has weight and value.

Your vortex, energy field, vibes- this is your returning place. You are always able to come home within yourself.

Exude gratitude.

Speak your truth.

Be around only those who lift you up.

Manifest what you desire, then let it go to the universe.

Live each day being grateful for everything you see, touch, smell and hear.

You are loved more than you will ever know. You are watched over at all times. And you have the right and opportunity, to live the life you only thought was only within your dreams.

Namaste, Britt Johnson