Your Super Power is Sexuality | OWN IT

Dear beautiful, powerful little girls............

You are the master of your body, the constructor of your experience, you are in charge!

Do not be silenced by those who fear your power. Their ignorance is bliss, but yours is not.

They don't want you to know how powerful you are. And how beautifully constructed your lotus is. They want you to be ashamed of this, they want you to hide your power.

The power is what they fear the most.

Once a woman knows her core strength, she is unstoppable, unmanageable and she rips through this earth like a goddess on fire.

Your sexuality is your super power, this is yours to own. Be kind to your body, don't just give it to anyone, and take care of it. Some are not deserving of your power within.

For you are the master of your self expression through the movement of your body. By the giving and taking, you set the tone. The rhythm that flows through your core is sacred energy.

The feminine energy that surges through your veins is powerful. Do not fear it, do not hide it; embrace it. Let this energy help merge your soul with your body.

To the little girls who fear the sexual energy that surges through your core like an uncontrollable wave, do not be ashamed, this is normal.

This is not just a power consumed by the masculine energy of the earth. That is only what they want you to believe.

They know one woman on fire is equal to 10 men, this is what they fear.

Beautiful, divine feminine goddesses, do not be afraid to walk your path with a blaze of passion. You came here to set your heart on fire as much as possible.

Do it. Breath it. Live it.

Hearts in love and hearts broken are part of the process. And within this process, a growth will consume you like a wave consumes the shore.

Gently, slowly, steadily and then with a crash!

Investigate your mystery.

Make mistakes and make grand leaps into the unknown. This is why you are here on earth. To go out and find all the most magnificent adventures imaginable!

Honor the core of your being, the light within you.

Let this energy flow through you infinitely.

And so it is.

Aho, Britt Johnson


Sacred Sexuality You.Are.Venus.