You do not need a Guru to find your own path. You Are The Path.

I love Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, Buddha, Osho and Ghandi. I listen to the channeled messages of Abraham Hicks and Kyron. I follow Kaypacha, Kelley Rosano, and of course my momma Karla Gandy, for Astrology advise and guidance. I find Ashrams to be extremely healing and the feeling of community pulls me in like a moth to a flame.

But I can not understand how some of these individuals have become such a catalyst, and even a necessity for some to excel in this life. I just can not relate to shrines full of images of other human beings. Are they/were they more ascended in some ways, yes. But this was all done by the allowance of their inner work and this happened over years and years of learning, listening and studying.

They found self love and desire first and then became teachers.

The people I have stated had mentors and guidance, but they did not kneel at alters for their channeled messages and higher consciousness. They worked on themselves and felt as though ascension was an inside job. They cleared their channel within and let go of resistance.

They did not call themselves masters. And each one will always say, growth is infinite and we can not possibly get all we want done in one lifetime.

I grew up torn between two house holds.
The Church of Christ and the Catholic Church or as I like to call them, Oil and Water.
To me, there is no difference in the rituals they both take on. One kneels in front of Mother Mary and the other holds Jesus on their alter. Both looking for salvation outside of themselves. Both calling God by different names but yet feeling as if one way to "get there" is better than the other. Oh yes, I love Jesus but do I think he will came back and save us, absolutely not. He was a messenger of Love, not a religion. We are here to save ourselves.

So when I see shrines, there is a part of me that wants to back away and scrunch my forehead up real tight. In Bali I came across beautiful arrangements of flowers, leaves, incense and fruit, all in honoring of God (Source) and Gaia (Mother Earth). To me, these alters represent our offerings back to this beautiful Mother Earth that provides our well being. There aren't images of human beings at these alters. This feels right to me.

Within the knowledge of all those who we seek for guidance, the base of their teachings comes down to one key aspect, LOVE.

Love should not have to be earned, it does not cost money and it should never have strings attached. Love should be seen within ourselves and within each other, equally. We came from unconditional love and now we are here to acquire that within, to remember how powerful we are. (As within so without)

Just because this is something I can not relate too, practice or fully understand, does NOT mean I think it is wrong. I believe that every path is the right path. It is uniquely yours and you should always be in full control of your destiny. From my perspective, as I see the separation occurring by organized religion, race and gender, I also see the separation we do to our inner being by idolizing another. I watch those around me seek answers by the women or men who came to clear a path, not be "The Path".

YOU ARE IT.....YOU are the Alan Watts, Wayne Dyer or Ghandi. You can ascend as far as you want to ascend. We are all able to tap into the same infinite knowledge because we all came from the same Universe.

Those we grasp onto for knowledge and "salvation", did not ever say they were the way to enlightenment and happiness. I feel as though we some how missed the point.

"Anyone who tells you he has some way of leading you to spiritual enlightenment is like someone who picks your pocket and sells you your own watch". -Alan Watts