Awakened Women Don't Just "Hook Up"

Recently I've been seeing a number of articles circulating about awakened women and their sex lives/sexuality. Some of these were written by men who experienced these women and thought their world was rocked royally.

So, I thought why not see what flows out through my own perception and experience on this topic.

So here we go......

Awakened women aren't masters at sex, so let's just go ahead and get that out of the way. We aren't all magical creatures who will blow your mind with our high vibe perspectives and conscious communicating under the sheets. We are just confident and observant. We are comfortable in our skin and content with our flaws.

We feel energy flow and we watch body language like it is guiding us into a new light; a new discovery of ourselves. We practice being within the NOW of each soul who we choose to share our bodies with.

We just don't fear, nor give expectation, any power in each new situation. There is no expectation in our minds.

What we most definitely exude is confidence about our bodies and what we desire. Awakened women know these key things about what it means to be a conscious lover:

1. Awakened women are givers and know their worth to receive

Conscious communication with another soul is a give and take. We know that if we want to receive what we give, we have to be verbal and let the person know what we are wanting in all ways. Know one, especially in that state of mind, can read your every thought. They can however be guided by your energy and then your words. Words are there for you to say what you want, what you desire and what you crave in the moment. Awakened women use their words with the their highest intentions in mind.

2. Awakened women see sex as a connection and not just about pleasure

Awakened women know that when two souls entangle themselves together, there is a transmission of energy every single time. Of course we are still human, which means, we let our past and possibly lifetimes of patterns cloud our judgement at times. We own this. There may be a partner we choose that wasn't the best decision at the time but we don't beat ourselves up about. We excuse our poor alignment, sage the shit out of our bodies, go cleanse with a little juicing and some yoga, and we shake that shit off! We like to believe the bad decisions were the best lessons. And we know that if we were in it just for the pleasure, we are more than capable of handling that job alone. (sorry but it's true)

3. Awakened women can feel right through your insecurities

If you have been guided to the energy of an awakened woman by the Universe on some level, mirrored within her own energy; make sure that your confidence about your body image mirrors hers as well. Awakened women have spent hours and hours naked and alone with themselves, dancing around carelessly and staring at that their perfectly imperfect bodies. They know their body may not be what they always wanted, they realize through the course of life that it has changed, but they have come to a place of peace with this. They know that whoever they align with as a lover, that they will always be accepted, received and honored. They know this because that is the energy they are putting out from their being. The Universe will deliver that exact vibration back to them and they are confident of this.

4. Awakened women don't play games or have strings attached

Awakened women know, on some level, when they are aligned with who they are and when they are not. They know that when they are aligned with their highest good, they are not taking on a role of playing games or practicing any kind of manipulation. Awakened women do not use people to band-aide their wounds or pacify their hurting hearts by stepping on yours. So if there is an opportunity to take an encounter to the next level sexually, it is because she feels aligned to you in a way that is a balanced transfer of energy. An awakened woman does not see a soul and imagine what she can get out of them or what will make her feel whole. An awakened woman isn't trying to fill her cup by using another, her cup is already full. She conquered that on her own. She sees you as an encounter for growth, good energy and connection.

Within every woman is an awakened woman, ready to break through from the past that binds her. The conditioning and experiences that may have left her jaded and wounded internally.

She has a past filled with harsh words said by others that left scars of shame. She taught herself to hide her body from the world and her own reflection in the mirror. She became a lover that preferred leaving the lights off. Her inner child is screaming for an embrace that is pure, honest, trust worthy and a reflection of her powerful inner light.

She is not aware, quit yet, that she is what she is seeking. She may still be seeking everything outside of herself to find what she desires in a lover. But she will realize one day, this kind of self love takes painful endings, and hard internal work that is well worth the struggle. She will look back and see all the lovers she took on as a blessing. Her gratitude for all the bullshit will lift her up and push her forward.

If you encounter an awakened woman, watch her carefully.

Watch how she moves, how she carries herself, how she speaks and looks at you with a gaze of contentment. It is not with surface glances, or ego influenced touches. Instead, it is with mindful eyes that stare at you straight from her heart center. To use or mistreat you would mean she is mistreating herself and doing an injustice to both of your souls. With an awakened heart, transparent gaze and tender touch, she will guide you towards her.

Her intentions of connecting are on the highest level humans can connect on.

At the core of every encounter, an awakened woman knows her soul and yours have known each other in many lifetimes. There is a pattern in some form and she aims to feel into this, take it within her being and open herself up to understanding what this may mean. She does not fear the path that the Universe is delivering.

She craves the unfolding of it. The mystery of growth that lies through each new door opened.

The Divine Feminine that has awakened will show you love, that is all. Don't run from this. Let it seep into your aura and take hold of you in all ways. She will feel when your body loses all resistance to her.

An awakened woman will never let you forget this trust in which you have shown her. Let go and let this conscious lover take hold of you.

- Britt Johnson

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